Monday, July 31, 2017

Flyers, Pauper & Blue - Oh My! - Pauper

Land1 mana Flyers2 mana Flyers3+ mana Flyers
23 Islands4 Delver of Secrets3 Surveilling SpriteIllusionary Servant
32383 Mulldrifter
2 Spiketail Drakeling
3 Spire Golem

Stitched Drake
Others1 mana Spells2 mana Spells4 Stormbound Geist
2 Headless SkaabBrainstorm3 Counterspell
3 NarcolepsyPortent2 Mana Leak
352 Snap

Friday, July 21, 2017

Serra Angel - Pauper CMDR

This deck is better for a 20 damage / 11 cmdr damage scenario.

Either win by Serra Angel's commander damage, by stopping your opponent from blocking Serra with enchantment auras, or just keep pecking away at your opponent small creatures with flying.

There are also a few precious life gain cards that can help this deck go the distance; Suture Priest, Lone Missionary, Soul's Attendant, Soul Warden, Goldenglow Moth, Trained Caracal, Whitesun's Passage, Chaplain's Blessing, Sunspring Expedition, Recumbent Bliss, Ajani's Mantra, Caravan Hurda, and Divine Offering.  It may not seem like much but added together, I estimate that there lifegain cards can be a game changer. 

There are only 36 lands in this deck because it isn't mana hungry.  Usually, I prefer 40 mana, but I don't think that this deck needs it.

Land1 mana creatures3 mana creaturesEnchantmentInstants
36 PlainsDoomed TravelerChapel GeistAjani's MantraBlinding Beam
Goldenglow MothCloudchaser KestralOblivion RingChaplain's Blessing
Soul's AttendantGriffin SentinelSunspring ExpeditionCloudshift
Trained CaracalKor Sanctifiers70Divine Offering
Soul WardenPalace GuardErase
5Skyhunter ProwlerEthereal Haze
44Soltari VisionaryGraceful Reprieve
Sunspire GriffinRootborn Defenses
8Whitesun's Passage
Artifacts2 mana creatures4 mana creaturesEnchantment-AuraSorcery
Adventuring GearBeacon HawkAlabaster KirinArrestRevoke Existence
Razor GolemConcordia PegasusArmored GriffinBonds of FaithShoulder to Shoulder
Honed KhopeshKor SkyfisherCloud CrusaderBound in Silence99
39Lone MissionaryGriffin ProtectorCage of HandsCommander
Stormfront PegasusMakindi GriffinCessationSerra Angel
Suture PriestSeraph of DawnCompulsory Rest
6Skyhunter PatrolDefang
50Tormented AngelDivine Favor
8Eland Umbra
68Ethereal Armor
5 mana creatureGhostly Possession
Caravan HurdaHoly Strength
69Hyena Umbra
Journey to Nowhere
Recumbent Bliss
Revoke Privileges
Temporal Isolation

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Myr Satchet II - Peasant

This Peasant deck was originally Satchet of Myr on Silver Towers.  However, when I tested it, it crashed and burned.  This deck is improved.  I tested it on my son, and it did well; a very long slow game, but definitely an epic battle.  Primarily, rather than focusing on 4 colors, I focus on obtaining cards that look for Myr Galvanizer, or Freed From the Real that make for mana combos that can easily cast Eldrazi beatsticks.  This deck is also a threat without the Eldrazi's because it has so many Myr, and Myr Galvanizer gives all Myr creatures +1/+1 for each Myr Galvanizer on the battlefield.

LandSorcery2 Mana Myr RampEldrazi Beatsticks
9 Forest4 Commune with Nature4 Copper Myr4 Eldrazi Devastator
9 IslandAncient Stirrings4 Gold Myr4 Hand of Emrakul
18Benefaction of Rhonas3 Leaden Myr4 Ulamog's Crusher
64 Silver Myr12
4 Freed from the Real
283 Mana Myr Uncommons
Palladium Myr
4 Myr Galvanizer
The blue is to is to indicate the uncommon MTG cards in this peasant deck.

Monday, July 10, 2017

MTG Lover Dislikes Portrayal of Women as Mostly Weaklings

#mtg #feminist
This is about that there aren’t enough good cards I know of to possibly make a good deck with only female or feminine cards.
MTG has become a man’s game, and who can blame women?  Granted some of the imagery is of women, but usually cards with a female on them are not as good as the cards with a male on them.  In addition, there aren’t nearly as many cards that are feminine or have some sort of female creature.  Can we all stop being such geeks and demand for MTG to portray women and the feminine spirit as something equally powerful as men?  
And, yes it is true that women are often not able to bench press what men do, but women have other ways they wield power.  For instance, since the dawn of humanity women have manipulated men using sex appeal.
Other than sexual manipulators, women are also more powerful than men as the one’s that give birth to and raise offspring, not just making copies but, MTG could make cards, with a mommy and a daddy, card or cards, that over several turns bring different kinds of children, and those children could evolve.  For instance, could I suggest a making a card like Birther of Giants.  I know Drove of Elves came pretty close, but there just aren’t enough cards like this that are powerful.
Another possible role of women is that cards could be made where women nag their husbands to death.  Also, psychological manipulation by women could also be made to play roles, such belligerence sufficient to cause an eating disorder, or some other psychological disorder.
It comes to mind that comes to mind is that women often have more networked social circles, such that female elvish like cards like elves could be made.
Hell, maybe create a new MTG colors focused on feminine attributes. Maybe, create series of sets with only the feminine to help women catch up to the Elder Dragon Highlanders.
This is not to say that some MTG sleeves, and that some bodies of MTG women are not feminine.  Granted the artwork of MTG cards is that of impossibly difficult bodies, but the same is true for male creatures.  Without cheating, most men simply can’t achieve having a body like that of a MTG creature.  So, I don’t want any complaints about Barbie cards, or perhaps fat women cards.

Any more nasty roles that you can think of for women?

Thursday, July 6, 2017

"Air Elemental" as a Blue Pauper Commander

This deck is better for 20 damage/ 11 cmdr damage.

First the strategy.  Frankly, there is no way of dealing 40 damage that I know of with blue commons at this time.  My green commander pauper deck can, but this is unreasonable for blue.  Some people want to change life totals to make it easier to play pauper commander.  However, I am not in favor of that.  I think it is reasonable to deal 21 commander damage in favor of keeping the traditional commander rules.  The impossibility of destroying your opponent with monoblue regular damage is just the way it is, and should be with blue commons.  That is where the commander of this deck, "Air Elemental" is all important.  The cards of this deck seek to protect Air Elemental from the graveyard by providing defense or boosting.  Basically, it's game over if you stop Air Elemental, but I don't think that is easy, with this deck, and that is part of the reason I am publishing this deck.  Thus, many of the creatures are not for attacking, but instead for chump blocking.

Land1 mana Instant - 71 mana Sorcery - 6Creatures - 18
Islands - 36Banishing KnackArtful DodgeApprentice Wizard
BrainstormCareful StudyAugury Owl
Artifacts - 3DispelDistortion StrikeAzure Drake
Adventuring GearSelect for InspectionPonderCloud of Faeries
Slagwurm ArmorSpell PiercePreordainDelver of Secrets
Viridian LongbowUnsummonSilent DepartureHeadless Skaab
39Turn Aside73Illusionary Servant
Enchantments - 10562 mana Sorcery - 2Illusionary Wall
Aqueous Form2 mana Instant - 11See BeyondMulldrifter
Cloak of MistsCounterspellTaigam's SchemingNeurok Invisimancer
Eel UmbraConfound75Phantom Beast
EncrustDeprive3 mana Instant - 3Phantom Monster
Paralyzing GraspEssence ScatterExcludeSea Gate Oracle
Protective BubbleRemove SoulStoic RebuttalSpiketail Drakeling
Sensory DeprivationSnap78Spire Golem
Spectral FlightMana Leak3+ mana Sorcery 3Stitched Drake
Tricks of the TradeMiscalculationAmass the ComponentsSurveilling Sprite
49Memory LapseCounsel of Soratami99+1

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Omnath, Locus of Mana ~ Butcher Chef in Chief - 2018 CMDR

This deck has a lot of typical mana ramp like Cultivate, Kodama's Reach, Arbor Elf, and Llanowar Elves, and more mana ramp that is probably less common like Wild Growth, Nissa's Pilgrimage, New Frontiers, Fa'adiyah Seer (very underrated), Explorer's Scope, Seedguide Ash, and Gyre Sage.  Hopefully, enough to make Genesis Wave worth playing!  And of course, the massive ramping power of Omnath can be key to a huge Genesis Wave power play.

To protect Omnath there are cards to bring him out of the graveyard like Evolution Charm, Regrowth, Revive, and Wildwood Rebirth in addition to Regeneration, and Spider Umbra.  Omnath can be a huge card for only three mana, and it may have to be cast several times either from the graveyard or the commander zone, but that's just the way the game goes.  Omnath is both great for ramping as well as in offense especially it can win games with cards like Infiltration Lens, Primal Rage, Rancor, and Trailblazer's Boots; if you feel daring going in for a late game kill, you might want to slip Strata Scythe, or Blanchwood Armor on Omnath if he has trample, non-basic landwalk, or can be made unblockable via a card such as Rogue's Passage.

Board wipes are often a problem for green.  Hopefully, Momentous Fall, Fecundity, and Bequeathal, can offer some protection.

Defense can also be problematic for monogreen.  To help, I have Ambush Viper, Mitotic Slime, Prey Upon, Ulvenwald Tracker, Turntimber Basilisk, Lignify, and Mortal Wound.

Omnath, Locus of Mana; Butcher Chef in Chief
Land - 361-2 Mana Creatures 65-6 Mana Creatures 9Artifacts/Enchantments 20
Forest 33Ambush ViperBellowing TanglewurmBequeathal
Mosswart BridgeArbor ElfGarruk's PackleaderBlack Vise
Mystifying MazeFa'adiyah SeerGreenwarden of MursaBlanchwood Armor
Rogue's PassageGyre SageKalomian TwingroveBower Passage
Llanowar ElvesMitotic SlimeExplorer's Scope
Instant/Sorcery - 14Ulvenwald TrackerSeedguide AshFecundity
Cultivate57Primordial SageGigantiform
Evolution Charm3-4 Mana Creatures 9Soul of the HarvestGround Seal
Genesis WaveArgothian WurmTerra StomperInfiltration Lens
Gleeful SabotageDungrove Elder75Sol Ring
Kodama's ReachElvish Piper7-8 Mana Creatures 3Mortal Wound
Momentous FallMaster of the Wild HuntKhalni HydraRancor
New FrontiersMolten-Tail MasticoreMoldgraf MonstrosityRegeneration
Nissa's PilgrimageSurrak, the Hunt CallerTornado ElementalPrimal Rage
OverrunTurntimber Basilisk78Constant Mists
Prey UponWickerbough ElderPlanswalkerStrata Scythe
RegrowthYavimaya ElderGarruk WildspeakerSwiftfoot Boots
Revive6679Sylvan Library
TangleTrailblazer's Boots
Wildwood RebirthWild Growth