Saturday, March 7, 2015

Fearless Punishment ~ Green and Red ~ Pauper

At the heart of this deck, Fearless Punishment, are 4 Hand of Emrakul creatures.  In order to caste Hand of Emrakul, there are 10 creatures, and 4 sorceries that deliver the necessary Eldrazi creatures.  By itself, 4 Hand of Emrakul is not enough.  One would be lucky to draw even one of them during the game.  To make obtaining Emrakul easier, I use Ancient Stirrings, and Commune with Nature.  To save Hand of Emrakul, there is Wickerbough Elder, which can stop Emrakul from Pacifism, and Evolution Charm, which saves Emrakul from the graveyard.  Double Cleave and Assault Strobe maximize the damage caused by this behemoth they call Emrakul.  To speed Emrakul’s attack there is Messenger’s Speed, while Fog and Undergrowth buy Emrakul time.  The sideboard has Deglamer, Gleeful Sabotage, and Naturalize to help Emrakul fight off enchantments, like Pacifism, Recumbent Bliss, or Arrest.  I wish I had a few more Deglamer to stop Rancor.

Colorless Creatures

Other Creatures: 13
1 Ambush Viper (green)                               1 Deadly Recluse (green)
3 Emrakul’s Hatcher (red)                            4 Kozilek’s Predator (green)
3 Nest Invader (green)                                 1 Wickerbough Elder (green)

Instants and Sorceries: 22
3 Ancient Stirrings (green)                           4 Assault Strobe (red)
4 Brood Birthing (red)                                   1 Double Cleave (red)
4 Commune With Nature (green)             3 Evolution Charm (green)
2 Fog (green)                                              1 Undergrowth (green)

Red Enchantment:

Land: 20
5 Forests                                                           5 Mountains
4 Gruul Guildgate                                             3 Jund Panorama

Sideboard: 9
2 Ambush Viper                                                   2 Deadly Recluse
1 Deglamer                                                         2 Gleeful Sabotage

Note:  This deck was previously called 8th Pauper Deck – Green, Red, and Colorless.  Then it was renamed Pauper: Green + Red.  Now it is called “Fearless Punishment.”

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