Monday, September 14, 2015

UltraAffordable Yeva Commander Deck

Prices relativistic as of roughly 9/13/2015 at

I can’t guarantee that you will win many games with this deck.  However, it is fun and inexpensive, and it will probably keep you in the game longer than most decks.

The main objective of this deck is to defend oneself, buying time until a late game kill.  This means hiding oneself from immediate attack, and it is accomplish by the commander, Yeva, Nature’s Herald.  

One reason that this deck is so casual is that deathtouch only sends creatures to the graveyard, which can be beneficial to the opponent in the case of more competitive decks.

Defenders and creatures with regenerate also provide defense.  Mana abilities may also create a means to deploy the defense.  Also, with respect to the walls, cards like Primal Bellow, Giant Growth, and Vines of Vastwood may make it seem like they have deathtouch.

There is also 3 kinds of ramping in this deck, including elves, defenders, and spells.  Elf mana ramping works well with commander, Yeva, especially because she is an elf.
Thoughts to go with this deck include Ground Seal, Axebane Guardian, artifacts that give flying, and Vine Trellis.

Commander – Yeva, Nature’s Herald

$0.25     Acidic Slime                                   $0.15     Ambush Viper
$0.50     Artisan of Kozilek                         $0.29     Bellowing Tanglewurm
$0.15     Daggerback Basilisk                      $0.15     Deadly Recluse
$1.00     Drove of Elves                              $1.50     Elvish Archdruid
$0.15     Ezuri’s Archers, BUT OUT OF STOCK
$1.00     Fierce Empath, BUT OUT OF STOCK
$0.15     Gatecreeper Vine
$0.50     Gigantomancer, BUT OUT OF STOCK
$0.25     Gravetiller Wurm                           $1.00     Ground Breaker
$2.00     Joraga Treespeaker                         $0.65     Kalonian Behemoth
$10.00   Khalni Hydra                                 $1.75     LeatherbackBaloth
$0.15     Mire Boa
$0.50     Mitotic Slime, BUT OUT OF STOCK
$0.70     Myr Battlesphere                             $0.25     Mwonvuli Beast Tracker
$0.25     Overgrown Battlement                     $1.25     Priest of Titania
$0.15     River Boa                                         $0.25     Ravaging Riftwurm
$0.25     Seeker of Skybreak                         $0.15     Sedge Scorpion
$0.50   Sheltering Ancient, BUT OUT OF STOCK
$1.00  Somberwald Sage                             $0.15     Steel Wall
$0.15     Sylvan Ranger                                $0.25     Pelakka Wurm
$0.15     Pygmy Troll                                    
$0.15     Taunting Elf                                    $1.00     Terra Stomper
$0.25     Thornweald Archer, BUT OUT OF STOCK
$0.15     Timbermaw Larva                           $1.00     Traproot Kami
$.025     Turntimber Basilisk                         $0.15     Ulamog’sCrusher
$0.15     Viridian Emissary                           $0.25     Wall of Brambles
$0.50     Wall of Roots                                  $0.15     Wall of Tanglechord
$0.15     Wall of Vines                                  $0.70     Wren’s Run Vanquisher
$0.15     Weatherseed Elf                              $0.50     Wolfbriar Elemental

Sorcery of Instant
$0.15     Commune with Nature                    $1.00     Cultivate
$0.15     Deglamer                                         $0.15     Fog
$0.15     Giant Growth                                  $0.15     Gleeful Sabotage
$0.15     Journey of Discovery, OUT OF STOCK
$0.90     Kodama’s Reach                             $0.25     Revive
$0.25     Overrun                                           $0.25     Nissa’s Pilgrimage
$0.25     Seek the Horizon                            $1.00     Vines of Vastwood
$0.25     Windstorm                                      $0.15     Wrap in Vigor

Artifact or Enchantment
$8.00     Basilisk Collar                                  $0.30     Blanchwood Armor
$0.40     Fecundity                                         $0.50     Gigantiform
$0.25     Gravity Well                                     $0.30     Infiltration Lens
$0.15     Slagwurm Armor, BUT OUT OF STOCK
$0.15     Urban Burgeoning                            $0.50     Whispersilk Cloak
$0.15     Wild Growth


$7.00     GarrukWildspeaker

all forests

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

MTG's Use of Kor

I had long wondered where MTG got the word kor from. Examples of this type of card are attached. These kor cards primarily dealing with the color white (plains); it's a long shot, but think farming plains.

I just finished listening to Mechirah - Chapter Twenty Eight of the Mishneh Torah… --
and found that in Hebrew this word is often used in agriculture - hence the possible combination of kor with agriculture and plains.

Kor - definition of kor by The Free Dictionary
kor - an ancient Hebrew unit of capacity equal to 10 baths or 10 ephahs.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Master Yoda's Green Banana ~ Pauper

from Tapped out:
This deck is all about counters, especially counters that work with abilities, as is the case with Champion’s Drake, Halimar Wavewatch, and Skywatcher Adept. VeneratedTeacher, and Clockspinning provide the means to help level up creatures for better play.  Elvish Mystic, LlanowarElves, and Wild Growth.  In addition, Spectral Flight may provide some beef.  Defense is via Narcolepsy, Cancel, and Unsummon.  Unsummon also enables Venerated Teacher to be taken back to the hand in order to put even more counters on creatures.

from Wizards:
Creatures 22
4 Champion’sDrake                   2 DreamStalker
ElvishMystic                              4 HalimarWavewatch
3 LlanowarElves                        3 SkywatcherAdept
IllusionaryServant                     4 VeneratedTeacher

Enchantments 8
3 Narcolepsy                                   3 Spectral Flight

Instants or Sorceries 11:
2 Cancel                                           4 Clockspinning
See Beyond                                      4 Unsummon

Land 20:
7 Forest
7 Island