Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Affordable ~ Legacy Deck 2018

As legacy goes, this is a slow deck. Thus, I have cards to slow it down: Fog, Moment's Peace, Tangle, and Undergrowth; this sort of theme is common to a few of my decks.  Then, I have Blanchwood Armor, Primal Bellow, and Gigantiform, which are designed to pump smaller creatures that cost 1-2 mana, such as Dryad Sophisticate, and Treetop Scout, such that both are seemingly unblockable, and even if they are there is always Rancor that connects well with Blanchwood Armor.


Instant/Sorcery1-2 mana creatures3+ mana creaturesEnchantments
4 Fog4 Dryad SophisticateDungrove Elder4 Blanchwood Armor
Moment's Peace4 Treetop Scout484 Gigantiform
4 Nissa's Pilgrimage2 Silhana Ledgewalker
2 Rancor
2 Primal Bellow
2 Wild Growth
Tangle37 + 1060
4 Undergrowth47
21 Forests

Friday, November 24, 2017

Deck The Walls ~ 2018 ~ Pauper

Overgrown Battlement and Axebane Guardian, along with the 15 other defenders, reel in the mana to cast the fat creatures.   Carnivorous Plant and Grave Bramble add some prevention with their power.  As far as mana ramping goes, respectfully, I think the Overgrown Battlement and Axebane Guardian combo is far better than the similar Priest of Titania and Elvish Archdruid combo goes, because the defenders usually offer a better trade off.  They are both harder to kill, and better at defense, such that one can have some time to bring out the beat sticks better than Elves do.

The defenders, or "Walls," is how this deck got its name.  It is a spoof off of the Christmas song, "Deck the Halls."

Lands0 - 1 Mana Defender3 - 4 Mana Defender 8Fat Creatures
23 Forests4 Shield Sphere4 Axebane Guardian4 Oakgnarl Warrior
3 Traproot Kami2 Carnivous Plant4 Rootbreaker Wurm
2 Grave Bramble2 Ulamog's Crusher
2 Mana Defender464 Vulpine Goliath
2 Glade Watcher60
4 Overgrown Battlement
2 Wall of Tanglecord

Monday, November 20, 2017

Dysentery Formula ~ Pauper Infect ~ 2018

With all the blue stuff that can make this card unblockable, alone Tel-Jilad Fallen is the hardest hitter in the deck, and I suspect that you will be able to give him more with cards such as Groundswell, Vines of Vastwood, and Phytoburst.

Lands 22Instant/Sorcery 16+22=38Enchantment 44Green Creatures 16+44=60
10 ForestArtful Dodge4 Aqueous Form2 Blightwidow
4 IslandDistortion Strike2 Cloak of Mists2 Blight Mamba
2 Simic Guildgate2 Groundswell3 Cystbearer
4 Sejiri Steppe4 Larger Than Life2 Glistener Elf
2 Thornwood Falls2 Mutagenic Growth3 Ichorclaw Myr
3 Phytoburst3 Rot Wolf
Vines of VastwoodTel-Jilad Fallen
2 Wild Growth

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Trinity's Triad of Fates ~ CMDR 2017

The way to use Triad of Fates is to pay 1 to add a fate counter to a lowly token (such as a Servo).  Then, pay 1 using something to untap Triad of Fates either Magewright's Stone or something like it.  Then, pay another black mana to tap Triad of Fates again.  Exile the token.  Then, draw 2 card. 

CMDR - Triad of Fates15+39=5412+54=6620+66=8613+86+cmdr=100
Land 39Artifact TokensBlack EnchantmentInstant BlackCreatures
Bojuka BogThopter AssemblyDictate of ErebosUltimate PriceCloudgoat Ranger
Command TowerMyr BattlesphereGrave PactHero's DownfallDeathless Angel
Caves of KoilosNecrotic PlagueGo for the ThroatDoomed Traveler
Concealed CourtyardOther ArtifactsPainful QuandryDoom BladeLeonin Arbitor
Esper PanoramaJandor SaddlebagsPhyrexian ArenaDespiseLinvala, Keeper of Silence
Evolving WildsMagewright's StoneSoul Stair ExpeditionMirran Crusader
Forsaken SanctuaryNihil SpellbombInstant WhiteMirror Entity
Holdout SettlementPuppet StringsWhite EnchantmentLeave No TraceSkirsdag High Priest
Isolated ChapelSkullclampGhostly PossessionTo Arms!Sunblast Angel
Orzhov GuildgateSol RingJourney to NowhereRighteousnessTranscendent Master
10 PlainsSylvok LifestaffMurder InvestigationSwords to PlowsharesThraben Doomsayer
Rogue's PassageUmbra MantleOblivion RingVengeful Archon
Sejiri SteppeThousand-Year ElixirPacifismSorceryVengeful Pharaoh
Scoured BarrensPromise of BunreiCastigate
9 SwampsPlaneswalkerConqueror's Pledge
Tainted FieldBlackDay of Judgment
Temple of SilenceSorin MarkovDistress
Temple of the False GodGather the Townsfolk
Terramorphic ExpanseWhiteIncreasing Devotion
Vault of the ArchangelElspeth, Knight-ErrantLingering Souls
Vivid MarshElspeth TirelMind Twist
Vivid MeadowGideon JuraNomads' Assembly
Planar Outburst
Servo Exhibition

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Vicious Resurrections ~ Peasant Green White

This deck tries to create tons of tokens with cards like Eyeless Watcher that makes two tokens in addition to itself, and Kozilek's Predator which also makes two tokens in addition to itself.  These are then meant to be pumped by Overrun and Triumph of the Hordes.  And, if they die, so what?  Evolution Charm or Wildwood Rebirth put them back into play with even more tokens.

This is the mechanic. 
Play something like Eyeless Watcher.  It creates 2 tokens.
Then, attack with Eyeless Watcher.  The best thing that can happen to you are forced to put it in the graveyard because then you can bring it out with Evolution Charm, and recast it so you with have a total of 4 tokens.  Combine an attack with an uncommon and slam! ~ It's game over.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Weaver of Currents - Pauper Commander

This deck is better for a 30 damage scenario / 11 commander damage scenario.

1. Ramp mana via Cultivate, Weaver of Currents, Fa'adiyah Seer, etc.
2. Slam with big creatures, or peck with flyers.

Land 39Green CreaturesBlue CreaturesBlue Spells - 11
Bant PanoramaDaggerback BasiliskAugury OwlDecision Paralysis
Forest 18Fa'adiyah SeerDelver of SecretsDeprive
Island 17Giant WarthogIllusionary ServantDistortion Strike
Rupture SpireHungry SprigganImpaler ShrikeDivination
Simic GuildgateLifecraft CalvaryPhantom BeastEssence Scatter
Transguild PromenadeMolder BeastSea Gate OracleGhostly Flicker
Moss KamiSnapping DrakeMana Leak
Blue AurasPenumbra SpiderStitched DrakeNegate
Cartouche of KnowledgeRhox Maulers
Taigam's Scheming
Illusory WrappingsRiver BoaOther CreaturesTurn Aside
NarcolepsyStampeding RhinoShamblesharkUnsummon
Spectral FlightStomper CubWinged Coatl
Wind ZendikonSylvan Ranger
Green Spells - 13
Tajuru PathwardenCommanderCommencement of Festivities
Green AurasTangle MantisWeaver of CurrentsCultivate
Arachnus WebVulpine Goliath10Deglamer
Utopia VowWall of RootsFog
47Yavimaya ElderGiant Growth
18Gleeful Sabotage
65Haze of Pollen
Kodama's Reach
Prey Upon
Take Down
Vines of Vastwood