Monday, August 14, 2017

Terrifying Alliance

This deck, Terrifying Alliance, is made up entirely of 35 Allies, and 25 lands.  The reason for that is that almost all of the allies in this deck get pumped when another ally enters the battlefield, such that while the a single ally alone in this deck is not impressive, Terrifying Alliance has a tremendous amount of synergy that is hard to fight off due to the sheer number of ally creatures.  Likewise, the converted mana cost of most of these cards does is really good for playing against blue, as the lower the cmc of an ally, the more worthless a card like counter spell becomes.
This is the 3rd and by far the best version of this deck, or at least the most competitive.
Most of the more recent allies are not used because they are not good cards.
Allies never got that popular in MTG, but this is a good deck, at least for pauper, and last I checked, all the cards in it cost only a few pennies.
The strategy is to play that cards that boost first, and then have them boosted again and againe once other allies come into play.
It is also worthy of note that the abilities of many of these cards occur when they come into play, including themselves.  For instance when Ondu Cleric enters the battlefield, it, itself will gain a life.  Similarly, with the Oran-Rief Survalist; when the card enters the battlefield it becomes a 2/2, due to a +1/+1 counter it gives to itself, and if Ondu Cleric was in play you would gain 2 life because both Ondu Cleric, and Oran-Rief Survivalist are both allies.

Land - 25Allies Black - 10Allies Blue - 4Allies Green - 12Allies White - 9
3 Rupture Spire2 Mana Allies3 Mana Allies2 Mana Allies2 Mana Allies
4 Transguild Promenade4 Bojuka Brigand4 Umara Raptor4 Oran-Rief Survivalist4 Makindi Aeronaut
2 Bant Panorama4 Kalastria Healer394 Ondu Cleric
2 Esper Panorama4+ Mana Allies
2 Evolving Wilds3 Mana Allies4 Graypelt Hunter3 Mana Allies
2 Terramorphic Expanse2 Vampire Envoy4 Tajuru PathwardenMakindi Patrol
2 Forest355160
2 Plains
2 Swamp
3 Abundant Growth

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Yeva, Nature's Herald - Guru of the Deathtouch Flash

First of all, one of the great advantages of monogreen is mana ramping.  Aside from creature ramp there are other ways of amassing an army with this deck, the artifacts or enchantments; Aether Vial, Bequeathal, Sensei's Divining Top, Sol Ring, Elfhame Sanctuary, Bear Umbra, and Lure of Prey.  Many of these cards I consider staples to monogreen commander.  So, while there is only 35 lands there are many others to provide assistance.  

Aside from ramping, Yeva provides more defense than your average monogreen deck with cards like Mortal Wound, Spider Umbra, Prey Upon, and Ulvenwald Tracker, and especially 13 creatures with deathtouch that Yeva can flash into play (Regeneration deathtouch combos work great, especially if the air has no flyers, especially using Bower Passage, Gravity Well, or Spidersilk Armor).

The major assault to win the game comes from using 4+ converted mana cost creatures that green is well known for, and secondly pumping up the dinks, tokens and 1/1 creatures, pumping deathtouch creatures is a great idea, in your army with cards like Blanchwood Armor, Eldrazi Conscription, Gigantifom, Gigantomancer, Creeperhulk, Overwhelming Stampede, and Overrun.  Token generators include One Dozen Eyes, Deranged Hermit, Hornet Queen, and Mitotic Slime.

LandCreature Ramp1-3 mana Creature1 mana Deathtouch
35 ForestArbor ElfDungrove ElderGnarlwood Dryad
Elvish PiperUlvenwald TrackerNarnam Renegade
1 mana Enchantment/ArtifactFa'adiyah SeerSedge Scorpion
Aether VialLlanowar Elves4+ mana CreatureWasteland Viper
BequeathalSomberwald SageArgothian Wurm4
Mortal Wound5Bellowing Tanglewurm
Sensei's Divining TopInstant/SorceryCreeperhulk2 mana Deathtouch
Sol RingGleeful SabotageDeranged HermitAmbush Viper
Spider UmbraGreen Sun's ZenithGiant AdephageDeadly Recluse
6Gilt-Leaf AmbushGigantomancerHeir of the Wilds
2 mana EnchantmentLure of PreyHornet QueenThornweald Archer
Bower PassageMoment's PeaceKhalni HydraVenom Sliver
Elfhame SanctuaryNissa's PilgrimageMitotic Slime5
Ground SealOne Dozen EyesMolder Slug
RegenerationOverrunMoldgraf Monstrosity3 mana Deathtouch
4Overwhelming StampedePrimordial HydraDaggerback Basilisk
3+ mana EnchantmentPrey UponRampaging BalothsDeathmist Raptor
Bear UmbraTangleSilvos, Rogue ElementalSkullwinder
Blanchwood Armor11Thorn ElementalTurntimber Basilisk
Cartouche of Strength16Thunderfoot Baloth4
Eldrazi Conscription681613
Gravity Well86
Spidersilk Armor

Monday, July 31, 2017

2nd Flyers, Pauper & Blue - Oh My!

Land1 mana Flyers2 mana Flyers3+ mana Flyers
23 Islands4 Delver of Secrets3 Surveilling SpriteIllusionary Servant
32383 Mulldrifter
2 Spiketail Drakeling
3 Spire Golem

Stitched Drake
Others1 mana Spells2 mana Spells4 Stormbound Geist
2 Headless SkaabBrainstorm3 Counterspell
3 NarcolepsyPortent2 Mana Leak
352 Snap

Friday, July 21, 2017

Pauper Commander Serra Angel

Either win by Serra Angel's commander damage, by stopping your opponent from blocking Serra with enchantment auras, or just keep pecking away at your opponent small creatures with flying.

There are also a few precious life gain cards that can help this deck go the distance; Suture Priest, Lone Missionary, Soul's Attendant, Soul Warden, Goldenglow Moth, Trained Caracal, Whitesun's Passage, Chaplain's Blessing, Sunspring Expedition, Recumbent Bliss, Ajani's Mantra, Caravan Hurda, and Divine Offering.  It may not seem like much but added together, I estimate that there lifegain cards can be a game changer. 

There are only 36 lands in this deck because it isn't mana hungry.  Usually, I prefer 40 mana, but I don't think that this deck needs it.

Land1 mana creatures3 mana creaturesEnchantmentInstants
36 PlainsDoomed TravelerChapel GeistAjani's MantraBlinding Beam
Goldenglow MothCloudchaser KestralOblivion RingChaplain's Blessing
Soul's AttendantGriffin SentinelSunspring ExpeditionCloudshift
Trained CaracalKor Sanctifiers70Divine Offering
Soul WardenPalace GuardErase
5Skyhunter ProwlerEthereal Haze
44Soltari VisionaryGraceful Reprieve
Sunspire GriffinRootborn Defenses
8Whitesun's Passage
Artifacts2 mana creatures4 mana creaturesEnchantment-AuraSorcery
Adventuring GearBeacon HawkAlabaster KirinArrestRevoke Existence
Razor GolemConcordia PegasusArmored GriffinBonds of FaithShoulder to Shoulder
Honed KhopeshKor SkyfisherCloud CrusaderBound in Silence99
39Lone MissionaryGriffin ProtectorCage of HandsCommander
Stormfront PegasusMakindi GriffinCessationSerra Angel
Suture PriestSeraph of DawnCompulsory Rest
6Skyhunter PatrolDefang
50Tormented AngelDivine Favor
8Eland Umbra
68Ethereal Armor
5 mana creatureGhostly Possession
Caravan HurdaHoly Strength
69Hyena Umbra
Journey to Nowhere
Recumbent Bliss
Revoke Privileges
Temporal Isolation

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Myr Satchet II

This Peasant deck was originally Satchet of Myr on Silver Towers.  However, when I tested it, it crashed and burned.  This deck is improved.  I tested it on my son, and it did well; a very long slow game, but definitely an epic battle.  Primarily, rather than focusing on 4 colors, I focus on obtaining cards that look for Myr Galvanizer, or Freed From the Real that make for mana combos that can easily cast Eldrazi beatsticks.  This deck is also a threat without the Eldrazi's because it has so many Myr, and Myr Galvanizer gives all Myr creatures +1/+1 for each Myr Galvanizer on the battlefield.

LandSorcery2 Mana Myr RampEldrazi Beatsticks
9 Forest4 Commune with Nature4 Copper Myr4 Eldrazi Devastator
9 IslandAncient Stirrings4 Gold Myr4 Hand of Emrakul
18Benefaction of Rhonas3 Leaden Myr4 Ulamog's Crusher
64 Silver Myr12
4 Freed from the Real
283 Mana Myr Uncommons
Palladium Myr
4 Myr Galvanizer
The blue is to is to indicate the uncommon MTG cards in this peasant deck.