Monday, July 10, 2017

MTG Lover Dislikes Portrayal of Women as Mostly Weaklings

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This is about that there aren’t enough good cards I know of to possibly make a good deck with only female or feminine cards.
MTG has become a man’s game, and who can blame women?  Granted some of the imagery is of women, but usually cards with a female on them are not as good as the cards with a male on them.  In addition, there aren’t nearly as many cards that are feminine or have some sort of female creature.  Can we all stop being such geeks and demand for MTG to portray women and the feminine spirit as something equally powerful as men?  
And, yes it is true that women are often not able to bench press what men do, but women have other ways they wield power.  For instance, since the dawn of humanity women have manipulated men using sex appeal.
Other than sexual manipulators, women are also more powerful than men as the one’s that give birth to and raise offspring, not just making copies but, MTG could make cards, with a mommy and a daddy, card or cards, that over several turns bring different kinds of children, and those children could evolve.  For instance, could I suggest a making a card like Birther of Giants.  I know Drove of Elves came pretty close, but there just aren’t enough cards like this that are powerful.
Another possible role of women is that cards could be made where women nag their husbands to death.  Also, psychological manipulation by women could also be made to play roles, such belligerence sufficient to cause an eating disorder, or some other psychological disorder.
It comes to mind that comes to mind is that women often have more networked social circles, such that female elvish like cards like elves could be made.
Hell, maybe create a new MTG colors focused on feminine attributes. Maybe, create series of sets with only the feminine to help women catch up to the Elder Dragon Highlanders.
This is not to say that some MTG sleeves, and that some bodies of MTG women are not feminine.  Granted the artwork of MTG cards is that of impossibly difficult bodies, but the same is true for male creatures.  Without cheating, most men simply can’t achieve having a body like that of a MTG creature.  So, I don’t want any complaints about Barbie cards, or perhaps fat women cards.

Any more nasty roles that you can think of for women?

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