Friday, July 21, 2017

Serra Angel - Pauper CMDR

This deck is better for a 20 damage / 11 cmdr damage scenario.

Either win by Serra Angel's commander damage, by stopping your opponent from blocking Serra with enchantment auras, or just keep pecking away at your opponent small creatures with flying.

There are also a few precious life gain cards that can help this deck go the distance; Suture Priest, Lone Missionary, Soul's Attendant, Soul Warden, Goldenglow Moth, Trained Caracal, Whitesun's Passage, Chaplain's Blessing, Sunspring Expedition, Recumbent Bliss, Ajani's Mantra, Caravan Hurda, and Divine Offering.  It may not seem like much but added together, I estimate that there lifegain cards can be a game changer. 

There are only 36 lands in this deck because it isn't mana hungry.  Usually, I prefer 40 mana, but I don't think that this deck needs it.

Land1 mana creatures3 mana creaturesEnchantmentInstants
36 PlainsDoomed TravelerChapel GeistAjani's MantraBlinding Beam
Goldenglow MothCloudchaser KestralOblivion RingChaplain's Blessing
Soul's AttendantGriffin SentinelSunspring ExpeditionCloudshift
Trained CaracalKor Sanctifiers70Divine Offering
Soul WardenPalace GuardErase
5Skyhunter ProwlerEthereal Haze
44Soltari VisionaryGraceful Reprieve
Sunspire GriffinRootborn Defenses
8Whitesun's Passage
Artifacts2 mana creatures4 mana creaturesEnchantment-AuraSorcery
Adventuring GearBeacon HawkAlabaster KirinArrestRevoke Existence
Razor GolemConcordia PegasusArmored GriffinBonds of FaithShoulder to Shoulder
Honed KhopeshKor SkyfisherCloud CrusaderBound in Silence99
39Lone MissionaryGriffin ProtectorCage of HandsCommander
Stormfront PegasusMakindi GriffinCessationSerra Angel
Suture PriestSeraph of DawnCompulsory Rest
6Skyhunter PatrolDefang
50Tormented AngelDivine Favor
8Eland Umbra
68Ethereal Armor
5 mana creatureGhostly Possession
Caravan HurdaHoly Strength
69Hyena Umbra
Journey to Nowhere
Recumbent Bliss
Revoke Privileges
Temporal Isolation

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