Monday, May 11, 2015

Deck Name: Long Slow Demise. Deck colors: Green and White. Format: Pauper. Version: 1

The object of this deck is to bring about a “Long Slow Demise” to your opponent or else a long slow demise will be brought to you.  There are 23 enchantments.  Each enchantment is designed to work especially with the focal creature; AuraGnarlid (shown here):

  However, these creatures may work well with other aspects, for instance, with Nest Invader, you could combine either Nest Invader (probably a better choice) or its Eldrazi token with Forced Adaptation, and within a few turns it becomes a factor.  Thus, this deck is not just banking on 4 Aura Gnarlids, but that is where the graveyard saver sideboard cards may come in, Salvage, Reclaim, Evolutionary Charm, and/or Wildwood Rebirth, but keep in mind that in some ways these slow the deck because they are not creatures or auras.

Creatures: 17
4 Aura Gnarlid                                    1 Centaur Courser
1 Copperhorn Scout                            2 Doomed Traveler
2 Garruk’s Companion                        1 Guardian of the Guildpact
3 Nest Invader                                      3 Wickerbough Elder

Enchantments: 23
2 Abundant Growth                           4 Ethereal Armor
3 Forced Adaptation                           4 Ghostly Possession
2 Hyena Umbra                                   4 Journey to Nowhere
3 Temporal Isolation                           1 Utopia Vow

Land: 20
8 Forest                                               8 Plains

1 Evolution Charm                               4 Lull
1 Reclaim                                             3 Salvage
1 Ulamog’s Crusher                             2 Wildwood Rebirth

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Deck Name: Fly Zone. Color: Blue. Format: Pauper. Version: 1

Wind Zendikon
The aim of this deck, “Fly Zone” is to peck and peck away at your opponent whittling them down slowly.  Between Cloud Sprite, Flying Men, and Zephyr Sprite, Fly Zone has 12 1/1 flying creatures in addition to 4 2/2 flyers if the Wind Zendikon enchantment is counted.  One thought is to increase this amount with Cloud Pirates, or to adopt another color, such as white.
I am not convinced this is enough flyers, but it is a start, such that this deck may receive a later update upon testing, such as the addition of Cloud Pirates or Aven Envoy.  The reason for the prevalence of these smaller creatures is that I am counting on a common advantage of blue; card drawing.  The 1/1 unblockable creature, MetathranSoldier will probably also be replaced in the future.  Why?  If you are playing infect, the same mana that gets you Metathran Soldier may also get you the infect dealer Blighted Agent, which is essentially twice as powerful.  Amass the Components, and Oona's Grace are also likely to be let go.

Give this one a shot!  I would love comments or feedback on what you think of this one, not just to be told that it sucks, but how it also may be improved.

Creatures: 18
Cloud Elemental                            4 Cloud Sprite
Flying Men                                       4 Metathran Soldier
2 Noggle Bandit                                4 Zephyr Sprite

Enchantment: 5
Ior Ruin Expedition                           4 Wind Zendikon

Instant and Sorcery: 14
Amass the Components                    4 Divination
Downpour                                          Oona’sGrace
2 Shared Discovery                          4 Vision Skeins

Artifacts:  3
Armillary Sphere                              Explorer’sScope

20 Islands