Monday, May 11, 2015

Deck Name: Long Slow Demise. Deck colors: Green and White. Format: Pauper. Version: 1

The object of this deck is to bring about a “Long Slow Demise” to your opponent or else a long slow demise will be brought to you.  There are 23 enchantments.  Each enchantment is designed to work especially with the focal creature; AuraGnarlid (shown here):

  However, these creatures may work well with other aspects, for instance, with Nest Invader, you could combine either Nest Invader (probably a better choice) or its Eldrazi token with Forced Adaptation, and within a few turns it becomes a factor.  Thus, this deck is not just banking on 4 Aura Gnarlids, but that is where the graveyard saver sideboard cards may come in, Salvage, Reclaim, Evolutionary Charm, and/or Wildwood Rebirth, but keep in mind that in some ways these slow the deck because they are not creatures or auras.

Creatures: 17
4 Aura Gnarlid                                    1 Centaur Courser
1 Copperhorn Scout                            2 Doomed Traveler
2 Garruk’s Companion                        1 Guardian of the Guildpact
3 Nest Invader                                      3 Wickerbough Elder

Enchantments: 23
2 Abundant Growth                           4 Ethereal Armor
3 Forced Adaptation                           4 Ghostly Possession
2 Hyena Umbra                                   4 Journey to Nowhere
3 Temporal Isolation                           1 Utopia Vow

Land: 20
8 Forest                                               8 Plains

1 Evolution Charm                               4 Lull
1 Reclaim                                             3 Salvage
1 Ulamog’s Crusher                             2 Wildwood Rebirth