Thursday, July 6, 2017

"Air Elemental" as a Blue Pauper Commander

This deck is better for 20 damage/ 11 cmdr damage.

First the strategy.  Frankly, there is no way of dealing 40 damage that I know of with blue commons at this time.  My green commander pauper deck can, but this is unreasonable for blue.  Some people want to change life totals to make it easier to play pauper commander.  However, I am not in favor of that.  I think it is reasonable to deal 21 commander damage in favor of keeping the traditional commander rules.  The impossibility of destroying your opponent with monoblue regular damage is just the way it is, and should be with blue commons.  That is where the commander of this deck, "Air Elemental" is all important.  The cards of this deck seek to protect Air Elemental from the graveyard by providing defense or boosting.  Basically, it's game over if you stop Air Elemental, but I don't think that is easy, with this deck, and that is part of the reason I am publishing this deck.  Thus, many of the creatures are not for attacking, but instead for chump blocking.

Land1 mana Instant - 71 mana Sorcery - 6Creatures - 18
Islands - 36Banishing KnackArtful DodgeApprentice Wizard
BrainstormCareful StudyAugury Owl
Artifacts - 3DispelDistortion StrikeAzure Drake
Adventuring GearSelect for InspectionPonderCloud of Faeries
Slagwurm ArmorSpell PiercePreordainDelver of Secrets
Viridian LongbowUnsummonSilent DepartureHeadless Skaab
39Turn Aside73Illusionary Servant
Enchantments - 10562 mana Sorcery - 2Illusionary Wall
Aqueous Form2 mana Instant - 11See BeyondMulldrifter
Cloak of MistsCounterspellTaigam's SchemingNeurok Invisimancer
Eel UmbraConfound75Phantom Beast
EncrustDeprive3 mana Instant - 3Phantom Monster
Paralyzing GraspEssence ScatterExcludeSea Gate Oracle
Protective BubbleRemove SoulStoic RebuttalSpiketail Drakeling
Sensory DeprivationSnap78Spire Golem
Spectral FlightMana Leak3+ mana Sorcery 3Stitched Drake
Tricks of the TradeMiscalculationAmass the ComponentsSurveilling Sprite
49Memory LapseCounsel of Soratami99+1

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