Monday, February 12, 2018

Thrun's Ectoplasmic Synergy ~ CMDR

Thrun, the Last TrollCreatures SmallCreatures Med.Creatures Large
Forests 33Mwonvuli Beast TrackerMitotic SlimeGravetiller Wurm
Elvish HerderTangle GolemElvish Aberration
EnchantmentsArtifactSomberwald SageBellowing TanglewurmDeadbridge Goliath
BequeathalSol RingJoraga TreespeakerCreeperhulkGigantomancer
Primal FrenzySkullclampStrangleroot GeistCudgel TrollPelakka Wurm
RancorSedge ScorpionChampion of LambholdtKhalni Hydra
Boar UmbraInstantsArbor ElfYavimaya ElderTerra Stomper
Bow of NyleaBecome ImmenseDeadly RecluseLeatherback BalothPrimalcrux
Cartouche of StrengthFogElvish MysticYeva, Nature's Herald
CarapacePrimal BellowViridian EmissaryGarruk's Packleader
Epic ProportionsLlanowar ElvesWickerbough Elder
Ground SealSorcerySkarrgan Pit SkulkElvish Archdruid
GigantiformGreen Sun's ZenithFa'adiyah SeerAura Gnarlid
RegenerateHarmonizeSylvan RangerYavimaya Elder
Snake UmbraSpire TracerDeadbridge Goliath
Wild GrowthSakura Tribe Elder
Primal Rage
Spider Armor
Spidersilk Armor
Keen Sense
Fists of Ironwood
Vow of Wildness
Elephant Guide
Moldervine Cloak

Breakdown of some combos:

CMDR damage
Creature Enchantment CombosPump Em' with CombosLand Ramp Multi-Purpose
Become ImmenseAura GnarlidCreeperhulkFa'adiyah Seer
Cartouche of StrengthYavimaya EnchantressChampion of LambholtSakura Tribe Elder
Elvish HerderLeatherback BalothSomberwald Sage
Fists of IronwoodEnchantmentsPrimalcruxSylvan Ranger
Might of OaksRancorGigantimancerViridian Emmissary
Vines of VastwoodBequeathalYeva, Nature's HeraldWild Growth
Primal BellowBoar UmbraDeadbridge GoliathYavimayah Elder
Primal FrenzyBow of NyleaPrimalcrux

Cartouche of StrenchMiny Creatures that Combo
Epic ProportionsArbor ElfElf Ramp
Fists of IronwoodDeadly RecluseElvish Archdruid
Skullclamp CombosGigantiformElvish AberationSylvan Ranger
Spire TracerGround SealElvish ArchdruidViridian Emissary
Fa'adiyah SeerKeen SenseElvish MysticElvish Herder
Somberwald SageRegenerateJoraga TreespeakerArbor Elf
Elvish MysticSnake UmbraLeatherback BalothElvish Aberation
Llanowar ElvesSpider UmbraLlanowar ElvesLlanowar Elves
Sylvan RangerSpidersilk ArmorElvish HerderJoraga Treespeaker
Mitotic SlimeWild GrowthMitotic SlimeElvish Mystic
Viridian EmissaryPrimal RageMwonvuli Beast TrackerYeva, Nature's Herald

Primal FrenzySedge ScorpionSpire Tracer
Skarrgan Pit-Skulk
33 ForestsMonstersSomberwald SageDraw Cards
Bellowing TanglewurmSpire TracerGarruk's Packleader
Misc.Gravetiller WurmStrangleroot GeistBequeathal
FogKhalni HydraGravetillerKeen Sense
Green Sun's ZenithPelakka WurmYeva, Nature's HeraldSnake Umbra
Wickerbough ElderTerra StomperDeadbridge GoliathFa'adiyah Seer
HarmonizePrimalcruxSylvan Ranger
Sol RingGigantomancerChampion of Lambholt
SkullclampDeadbridge GoliathFa'adiyah Seer
Skarrgan Pit-Skulk
Yeva, Nature's Herald
Cudgel Troll

Full deck list of cards:

The Deck: 100 Cards -
Arbor Elf
Aura Gnarlid
Become Immense
Bellowing Tanglewurm
Boar Umbra
Bow of Nylea
Cartouche of Strength
Champion of Lambholt
Cudgel Troll
Deadbridge Goliath
Deadly Recluse
Elvish Aberation
Elvish Archdruid
Elvish Herder
Elvish Mystic
Fa'adiyah Seer
Fists of Ironwood
Garruk's Packleader
Gravetiller Wurm
Green Sun's Zenith
Ground Seal
Joraga Treespeaker
Keen Sense
Khalni Hydra
Leatherback Baloth
Llanowar Elves
Mitotic Slime
Mwonvuli Beast Tracker
Pelakka Wurm
Primal Bellow
Primal Rage
Sakura Tribe Elder
Sedge Scorpion
Skarrgan Pit Skilk
Snake Umbra
Sol Ring
Somberwald Sage
Spider Umbra
Spidersilk Armor
Spire Tracer
Strangleroot Geist
Sylvan Ranger
Tangle Golem
Terra Stomper
Thrun, the Last Troll
Vines of Vastwood
Viridian Emissary
Wickerbough Elder
Yavimaya Enchantress
Yavimayah Elder
Yeva, Nature's Herald
Sakura Tribe Elder
Epic Proportions
Moldervine Cloak
Elephant Guide
Vow of Wildness
33 Forests

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Affordable ~ Legacy Deck 2018

As legacy goes, this is a slow deck. Thus, I have cards to slow it down: Fog, Moment's Peace, Tangle, and Undergrowth; this sort of theme is common to a few of my decks.  Then, I have Blanchwood Armor, Primal Bellow, and Gigantiform, which are designed to pump smaller creatures that cost 1-2 mana, such as Dryad Sophisticate, and Treetop Scout, such that both are seemingly unblockable, and even if they are there is always Rancor that connects well with Blanchwood Armor.


Instant/Sorcery1-2 mana creatures3+ mana creaturesEnchantments
4 Fog4 Dryad SophisticateDungrove Elder4 Blanchwood Armor
Moment's Peace4 Treetop Scout484 Gigantiform
4 Nissa's Pilgrimage2 Silhana Ledgewalker
2 Rancor
2 Primal Bellow
2 Wild Growth
Tangle37 + 1060
4 Undergrowth47
21 Forests

Friday, November 24, 2017

Deck The Walls ~ 2018 ~ Pauper

Overgrown Battlement and Axebane Guardian, along with the 15 other defenders, reel in the mana to cast the fat creatures.   Carnivorous Plant and Grave Bramble add some prevention with their power.  As far as mana ramping goes, respectfully, I think the Overgrown Battlement and Axebane Guardian combo is far better than the similar Priest of Titania and Elvish Archdruid combo goes, because the defenders usually offer a better trade off.  They are both harder to kill, and better at defense, such that one can have some time to bring out the beat sticks better than Elves do.

The defenders, or "Walls," is how this deck got its name.  It is a spoof off of the Christmas song, "Deck the Halls."

Lands0 - 1 Mana Defender3 - 4 Mana Defender 8Fat Creatures
23 Forests4 Shield Sphere4 Axebane Guardian4 Oakgnarl Warrior
3 Traproot Kami2 Carnivous Plant4 Rootbreaker Wurm
2 Grave Bramble2 Ulamog's Crusher
2 Mana Defender464 Vulpine Goliath
2 Glade Watcher60
4 Overgrown Battlement
2 Wall of Tanglecord