Thursday, April 13, 2017

Judas and the Deathtouch Kiss

This is an ultraslow deckcomments1 manacomments2 manacomments
Land/Landish4 Prey UponThey wanted to trick him4 Ambush ViperJudas' sneek attack betrayal
18 Forests4 Sedge ScorpionJesus gave authority to trample these4 Thornweald Archerflyer say "Bye bye"
2 Halimar Depths1 Sylvok LifestaffMary, the mother of Jesus4 Deadly Recluseflyer say "Bye bye"
2 Kabira Crossroadsslow deck, add life gain4 RegenerationTo give Jesus resurrection power 
1 Wild Growththe "Triumphal entry"2 Gleeful Sabotage gets rid of those pesky auras
3 manacomments5 mana comments
4 Viridian Longbowgo in for the slow kill4 Greater Basiliskmore deathtouch
2 Slagwurm ArmorJesus' ability to take punishment

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