Saturday, April 15, 2017

Feebleness of the Suffering Bastard

24 Land1 mana instants or sorceriesCreatures 8
2 Bant Panoramagreen 9
2 Grixis Panorama2 Reclaim4 Nivix Cyclops
Rugged Highlands4 Commune with Nature4 Kiln Fiend
Swiftwater Clifts3 Mutagenic Growth8
Thornwood Fallsblue 1360
4 Rupture Spire2 Artful Dodge
4 Transguild Promenade4 Distortion Strike
3 Forest2 Brainstorm
3 Island2 Unsummon
3 Mountain3 Ponder
red 6
3 Assault Strobe
3 Lightning Bolt

The major weakness of this deck is that it only has 8 creatures.  To help combat that there is Reclaim, Commune with Nature, Brainstorm, and Ponder.  These spells, along with the other spells can simultaneously be used to pump Nivix Cyclops and/or Kiln Fiend.  Also, to prevent chump blockers, clearing the battlefield with Lightning Bolt, and/or Unsummon may be necessary.
2 Reclaim
4 Salvage

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