Saturday, August 12, 2017

Yeva, Nature's Herald - Guru of the Deathtouch Flash - CMDR

First of all, one of the great advantages of monogreen is mana ramping.  Aside from creature ramp there are other ways of amassing an army with this deck, the artifacts or enchantments; Aether Vial, Bequeathal, Sensei's Divining Top, Sol Ring, Elfhame Sanctuary, Bear Umbra, and Lure of Prey.  Many of these cards I consider staples to monogreen commander.  So, while there is only 35 lands there are many others to provide assistance.

Aside from ramping, Yeva provides more defense than your average monogreen deck with cards like Mortal Wound, Spider Umbra, Prey Upon, and Ulvenwald Tracker, and especially 13 creatures with deathtouch that Yeva can flash into play (Regeneration deathtouch combos work great, especially if the air has no flyers, especially using Bower Passage, Gravity Well, or Spidersilk Armor).

The major assault to win the game comes from using 4+ converted mana cost creatures that green is well known for, and secondly pumping up the dinks, tokens and 1/1 creatures, pumping deathtouch creatures is a great idea, in your army with cards like Blanchwood Armor, Eldrazi Conscription, Gigantifom, Gigantomancer, Creeperhulk, Overwhelming Stampede, and Overrun.  Token generators include One Dozen Eyes, Deranged Hermit, Hornet Queen, and Mitotic Slime.

LandCreature Ramp1-3 mana Creature1 mana Deathtouch
35 ForestArbor ElfDungrove ElderGnarlwood Dryad
Elvish PiperUlvenwald TrackerNarnam Renegade
1 mana Enchantment/ArtifactFa'adiyah SeerSedge Scorpion
Aether VialLlanowar Elves4+ mana CreatureWasteland Viper
BequeathalSomberwald SageArgothian Wurm4
Mortal Wound5Bellowing Tanglewurm
Sensei's Divining TopInstant/SorceryCreeperhulk2 mana Deathtouch
Sol RingGleeful SabotageDeranged HermitAmbush Viper
Spider UmbraGreen Sun's ZenithGiant AdephageDeadly Recluse
6Gilt-Leaf AmbushGigantomancerHeir of the Wilds
2 mana EnchantmentLure of PreyHornet QueenThornweald Archer
Bower PassageMoment's PeaceKhalni HydraVenom Sliver
Elfhame SanctuaryNissa's PilgrimageMitotic Slime5
Ground SealOne Dozen EyesMolder Slug
RegenerationOverrunMoldgraf Monstrosity3 mana Deathtouch
4Overwhelming StampedePrimordial HydraDaggerback Basilisk
3+ mana EnchantmentPrey UponRampaging BalothsDeathmist Raptor
Bear UmbraTangleSilvos, Rogue ElementalSkullwinder
Blanchwood Armor11Thorn ElementalTurntimber Basilisk
Cartouche of Strength16Thunderfoot Baloth4
Eldrazi Conscription681613
Gravity Well86
Spidersilk Armor

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