Monday, May 22, 2017

Angel of Infection

I love pauper infect.  I used its mechanics to teach my son the game.  Pauper is really easy because one wins with 10 counters, as opposed to 20 or more damage.  I like to think that pauper infect is half as easy as other 60 card deck games.  Trying to think about scoring 10 is half the regular amount.  Thus, one can think of a card like Phytoburst as having the capability of dealing 10 regular damage counters.  That is huge!  And, it is also simple.
I recommend infect decks both for competition, and for learning the game.

Lands - 22Creatures - 18Pump and Trample - 9
18 Forest3 Blight Mamba4 Rancor
4 Sejiri Steppe 2 Blight Widow4 Sylvan Might
3 Glistener ElfPredator's Strike
Acceleration4 Ichorclaw Myr
2 Wild Growth3 CystbearerPump - 9
243 Rot Wolf2 Groundswell
2 Mutagenic Growth
3 Phytoburst
2 Vines of Vastwood

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