Saturday, August 1, 2015

Massive Beating ~ Green ~ Pauper

This deck is slow.

Axebane Guardian, and Overgrown Battlement provide this deck with some major mana-ramping power.  In fact, I prefer this defender combo to similar Elf combos, such as those with the Priest of Titania, or Elvish Archdruid, because not only do the defender walls ramp for mana, but they also provide some of green’s best defense.  In addition to using defenders, I also use instants Fog, Undergrowth, and Moment’s Peace, which I should add has some flashback power, especially with the help Urban Burgeoning provides.  The idea is that the walls and the instants buy time for a late in game win.
Major weakness in this deck, few fatties, may hopefully be countered with Naturalize, and Gleeful Sabotage.
Evolution Charm and Salvage provide some graveyard searching action.

Creatures: 24
2 Axebane Guardian                    4 Overgrown Battlement
1 Steel Wall                                  3 Tangle Golem
3 Ulamog’s Crusher                     4 Timbermaw Larvae
4 Wall of Tanglecord                    3 Wall of Vines


Instant or Sorcery: 14
Evolution Charm                          3 Fog
2 Gleeful Sabotage                       2 Moment’s Peace
Naturalize                                        Salvage


21 Forest

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