Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Deck: Party Pooper’s Pile of Nastiness. Deck Color Green. Legacy format. Version: 3

This deck used to be called 3rd Mega Mana Ramp
This deck is hardly recognizable from the last time I published it.
Wizards crashed as I was getting links.  I plan on coming back and fixing the card names that do not have links.

Elves: 23
2 Arbor Elf                                                           1 Copperhorn Scout
4 Priest ofTitania                                                 3 Elvish Archdruid
1 JoragaTreespeaker                                           3 Llanowar Elves
4 Mirror Entity (This creature is a Changeling and thus it functions as an elf)
2 Seeker of Skybreak                                           2 Thornweald Archer

Other Creatures: 8
1 Creeperhulk                                                     2 Gigantomancer
2 Khalni Hydra                                                   2 Mitotic Slime


Instant/Sorcery: 6
3 Fog                                                                     1 Undergrowth

Land: 20
6 Forests                                                              4 Bant Panorama
Dryad Arbor (Land Creature)                                2 Naya Panorama
6 Plains                                                                 1 Razorverge Thicket


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